Image of an hemp plant which can be used for hemp pre-roll products made by Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH.
Image of an hemp plant which can be used for hemp pre-roll products made by Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH.

Solutions for your hemp pre-roll production

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Image of two cylindrical hemp pre-roll.

Technology partner for hemp pre-roll production

With its portfolio of machines and services for processing the hemp plant, the Hauni Group offers customers automated production solutions that cover the entire process from hemp plant to cylindrical pre-roll products. We help our customers to grow alongside the upcoming market for hemp products (premium CBD, THC and pre-rolls) – whether they are a small start-up or a large corporation. We offer scalable solutions tailored to their needs. The Hauni Group does this by drawing on its expertise as the world's leading technology producer of tobacco processing plants and machinery.

Our new machines for the preroll making take into account the specialties of the industry and material. Combined with our portfolio for the tobacco industry, we are able to meet your individual requirements. The cylindrical preroll (cigarette style) offers major advantages thanks to much lower production costs and more possible individualizations in comparison to the conical shaped prerolls. We are looking forward to getting you started.

Moritz Migenda

Sales Manager - Hemp

Our unique hemp solution package

Bild eines roten Vierecks, das als Hintergrund fungiert. Image of a red card with a disigning tool which is developing a pre-roll and the subline: pre-roll design. Pre-roll design

We develop your pre-roll products with you

Design & Prototyping

  • Hemp pre-roll product design
  • Licensed test environments for your hemp prototype production

Support & Planning

  • Support from the initial idea to the final joint
  • Planning of the production process

Installation & Growth

  • Installation of the machines
  • Planning of your future growth strategy
Bild eines roten Vierecks, das als Hintergrund fungiert. Image of a red card with a circulation symbol and the subline: on-stop solution provider. One-stop solution provider

We fully support your progress towards automation, diversification and growth

Makers & Filter

  • Entire pre-roll making process
  • Production of biodegradable filters 

Tubes & Flavoring

  • Cylindrical tube making
  • Flavoring of the hemp

Recon & Quality

  • Reconstituted hemp paper process
  • Hemp quality control
Bild eines roten Vierecks, das als Hintergrund fungiert. Image of a red card with the head of a person wearing headphones with the caption: full technical service. Full technical service

We have local experts all over the world

Installation & Training

  • On-site machine installation
  • On-the-job training

Production & Support

  • On-site production support
  • Troubleshooting with fast remote support

Analysis & Spare parts

  • Ongoing plant performance analysis
  • Optimum availability of spare parts
Image of a sectional view of a hemp cigarette with filter, hemp and paper

Expert Center for hemp pre-roll products

As a licensed company, the Hauni Group is authorized to process the entire hemp plant in any form and can therefore produce premium CBD and THC pre-rolls. We use biodegradable filters and can process industrial hemp as well as reconstituted hemp in our machines. The result is a product of the highest quality standard.

News from the hemp pre-roll market

The picture shows a white machine from Hauni that is used for the fully automated production of hemp pre-rolls.

Tobaccoreporter - The Next Level

Hauni has entered the hemp market


Impressions of the Open House at Hauni Richmond

Partner of the hemp industry


We analyze your individual needs.

Pictogram of a person viewed with a magnifier. Pictogram of a circle. Pictogram of a Hauni service person. Pictogram of a rising graph.

We help you to design your cylindrical pre-roll product and produce prototypes as samples for your test market.


We accompany you as a partner for future growth and portfolio expansion.


We plan the production process with you and take care of installing and optimizing the machine.

Cylindrical hemp pre-roll manufacturing

Perfect-fit maker portfolio

Our machinery portfolio ranges from simple tube filling to easy plug-and-play hemp pre-roll makers and fully automated production. Our machines not only reduce your material costs through less waste and cheaper filters, they also achieve an output of up to 5000 pre-rolls per minute. All our makers are 100 percent FDA compliant.

Tube Filling Machine

Tube Filling Machine (TFM)

Our entry level machine

  • Up to 85 pre-rolls per minute
  • Automatic filling of cylindrical pre-manufactured filter tubes with automated end closing
  • Production of small batches possible
  • Homogeneous filling
  • No installation required (ready-to-use machine)
  • Household power supply
  • Light hemp-paper tube can be used
  • Automatic closing of lit end by folding not twisting
  • Use of locally made and standard tubes
  • Easy weight change possible
  • Easy to clean


Semi-automatic maker: CANTOS

For a semi-industrial environment

  • 150 hemp pre-rolls per minute
  • Cylindrical rod formation with filter assembler
  • Able to handle premium sticky filler/material
  • Flexible format setting
  • Small batch sizes possible
  • Online weight control system
  • Different filter types can be attached
  • Plug & play machine
  • Easy to clean


Image of the white-grey Hauni Maker "NANO-H" for fully automatic pre-roll production.
Image of the white-grey Hauni Maker "NANO-H" for fully automatic pre-roll production.

Fully automatic maker: NANO-H

High quality mass product

  • Up to 5,000 hemp pre-rolls per minute
  • Cylindrical rod formation with filter assembler
  • Different filters can be attached
  • Optimized for shredded hemp blends & processed paper
  • Separation of heavy particles (stems/seeds)
  • Highly accurate rod formation for a homogeneous hemp rod with minimized waste due to closed-loop weight control by a microwave system
  • Easy operation and supported control system
  • Full Hauni service: operator training and technical support

Quality Control Instrument

Game changer: automatic hemp pre-roll production

  • 0.01

    Cut the cost of production from $0.29 per manual pre-roll up to $0.01 per automated pre-roll.

  • 100

    Makers are 100 times faster than humans, are less prone to errors, take up less space and can be used 24/7.

  • 5000

    With Hauni hemp pre-roll makers you can produce up to 5000 pre-rolls per minute.

  • 24/7


Additional technologies & solutions

Hemp flavoring

Hemp flavoring

Our hemp flavor collection

  • Improve and stabilize taste experience/consistency
  • Add hints of flavour (e.g. mango, menthol)
  • Correct taste defects

Flavors can be added into raw materials or during the pre-roll production process (paper & filter)

  • Green flavour - Harmonics, well-balanced flavor throughout
    • Supports an all-rounder
    • Deep and heavy flavor
  • Green terpenes - Characteristics terpene topping
    • Concentrates on missing terpenes
    • Light, somewhat fleeting gustatory and olfactory perception
  • Green paper - Flavor for reconstituted hemp paper
    • Rich and full taste profile with a heavy base
    • All-rounder
    • Heat and temperature-resistant

Quality control

Quality control

For infeed materials and final products

Base materials 

Chemical compound analysis & determination of the physical  parameters of raw materials.

  • Basic hemp
  • Processed hemp
  • Oil
  • Liquids
  • Paper
  • Filter

Final products

  • Conical pre-roll
  • Cylindrical pre-roll
  • Handmade pre-roll
  • Vaping devices
  • HTP products

Quality parameters

  • Pressure drop
  • Moisture content of the pre-roll
  • Density and hardness
  • Length, diameter and weight
  • Visual appearance

Emission testing and smoke analysis

  • Tar, carbon monoxide, water, hemp-specific alkaloids
  • Metal, emission gas phase analysis, smoking topography



Biodegradable filter making

Biodegradable filter making

100 percent eco-friendly

  • Paper filters are 100% biodegradable
  • Proven technology
  • Automatic splicer & bobbin supply
  • Different geometries possible
  • Modular concept for wide range of materials & flexibility



Cylindrical tube making

Cylindrical tube making

Rod forming principle with pre-manufactured eco-filters

  • High output machine for filtered tubes used for pre-rolls or make your own
  • Different filter types (material and dimensions) can be attached
  • Easy operation and supported control system
  • Optimized parts for low gsm paper, e.g. very light hemp papers
  • Tubes with or without tipping paper possible



Reconstituted hemp paper

Reconstituted hemp paper

The latest trend in the cigarette industry

Paper made from hemp plants plus hemp dust and waste used as infeed for pre-rolls, wrapping of cigars/cigarillos and „heat not burn“ hemp products.

  • Homogeneous products with constant quality
  • Tailor-made recipes
  • Recyling of hemp waste material (complete use of plant material, no waste)



Hemp recovery system

Hemp recovery system

Directly recovers up to 90 percent of hemp from rejected pre-rolls.

  • Stand-alone or integrated online version
  • Suitable for every hemp pre-roll maker
  • Self-operating machine,  no staff required
  • Throughput rate: ~35 kg/h
  • Easy integration and flexible layout




Full technical service

You'll never walk alone

For us, the sale of a machine does not mark the end of a relationship with the customer, but the beginning of a partnership. You choose the area you need help with - we analyze your needs and suggest specific solutions. Together, we define the scope of operational and process support required to solve problems quickly or to improve your production output on an ongoing basis.

The picture shows two animated persons in suits from a bird's eye view, shaking hands. They are framed by a red infinity sign.

Assistance from A to Z

We don't leave you on your own! Installation and start-up management, operator training, production support or performance analysis - whatever you need help with: our experienced service staff are at your service. Even when it comes to the maintenance and upkeep of your Hauni Paper Straw Maker, you will find that we are a service-oriented, competent partner.

A globe with two people in front of it, who show with red markings, where they support all over the world.

What you need, when you need it

Thanks to our global logistics network and permanent supply capability, spare parts, subassemblies, new equipment, devices or tools - whatever you need - can be sent to your production site promptly, and the availability of spare parts is guaranteed for at least 10 years. You can order either in person or conveniently via our webshop. Hauni Emergency Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A close up picture of some screws at a machine with the caption: What you need, when you need it.

Always near you

We are represented by production facilities, sales companies and representative offices on five continents. Whether it's Richmond in the USA, Pécs in Hungary or Shanghai in China, our international presence ensures that we are always near you. You benefit from the network of a large international company and the proximity and agility of a local partner.

Map which shows all locations of the Hauni Group

The Hauni Group

The picture shows the Hauni Maschinenbau GmbH with its main building at the Hamburg Bergedorf headquarters.

75 years of German engineering

All over the world, the name Hauni is synonymous with first-class mechanical engineering. As the leading global supplier of technology and services to the tobacco industry, we are always near our customers with 4500 employees at 20 locations across the globe. We meet the exacting standards we set ourselves when it comes to customer-oriented solutions with a high level of innovation and a growing wealth of expertise that dates back to 1946.

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